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About Danielgotskillz admin February 6, 2020

Danielgotskillz - Creative Artist

With over 12 years of experience in the design industry, I have worked with a diverse clientele, including music recording artists, Grammy Award-winning music producers, professional sports athletes, reality TV personalities, and businesses. Contact me today to get started on your next project.
  • Web Designer + WordPress Joomla Shopify
  • Graphic Designer + Branding
  • Photographer + Image Retouching
  • Executive Producer + Mixing Mastering

Web Design

Web Development

I design and develop custom websites for businesses, online stores, blogs, and personal portfolios.


SEO & Paid Search

Google Ads & Ranking

Want to get more leads? Do you want to rank higher on google? Contact me lets research your competitors and create a strategy 


Executive Producer

Mix & Mastering

I’ve been a part of several music projects including working with platinum producers, major recording artists, and tour djs.




Danielgotskillz : The Creative Powerhouse 


Danielgotskillz is a true creative force, leaving his mark across the music and film industries for over 12 years. His talents are as diverse as they are impressive, encompassing four key areas: Music, Marketing, Graphic Design, and Sound Engineering.

Music Producer & Recording Artist:

  • Danielgotskillz is a music producer, crafting infectious tracks like “Day Dreaming” and “When We Turn Up,” and collaborating with artists to bring their musical visions to life. He’s a skilled recording and mixing engineer. His production prowess is on full display in his work with a range of artists, including Fort Worth craft beer rapper Brewed Up Joe, soulful songstress Zo La Sirena, and Dallas Latin artist Lady J. He steered the creative direction for their projects, handling recording and engineering duties.

Marketing & Branding Guru:

  • A keen eye for visual identity, Danielgotskillz isn’t just a musician, he’s a complete visual artist for the music world. He’s designed captivating album and single covers for prominent artists, including Snow Tha Product’s viral hit “Waste of Time” (over 36 million YouTube views!), Z-Ro, Shawty Lo, Play N Skillz, and Jody Breeze. He’s also designed for Lady Luck and collaborated with established labels like Atlantic Records, Sony Music Nashville, Rap-a-Lot Records and Swisha House.
  • His design work extends beyond the music industry. He designed a logo for NFL star Kenny Clark’s annual football camp. The logo’s design is bold and energetic, reflecting the spirit of the camp and Kenny Clark’s dedication to giving back to his community. Danielgotskillz’s ability to translate brand identity into visual design extends beyond athletic apparel. He has also built and designed a website for Grammy-nominated producer Mr. Lee (mrleeonthetrack.com), showcasing his talent for web design and user experience.

Graphic Design & Visual Maestro:

  • Danielgotskillz’s design expertise goes beyond album covers. He’s a skilled graphic designer with a range of talents including film color correction, photo touch-up, logo design, flyer design, website design, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Film & Post-Production Powerhouse:

  • Danielgotskillz’s technical skills extend beyond the stage. He’s a talented film professional with expertise in film color correction and audio mixing. This is evident in his work on films like “The Wolf Catcher” and “The Devil’s Ring” (IMDb) .