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About Danielgotskillz admin February 6, 2020

Danielgotskillz - Creative Artist

With over 12 years of experience in the design industry, I have worked with a diverse clientele, including music recording artists, Grammy Award-winning music producers, professional sports athletes, reality TV personalities, and businesses. Contact me today to get started on your next project.
  • Web Designer + WordPress Joomla Shopify
  • Graphic Designer + Branding
  • Photographer + Image Retouching
  • Executive Producer + Mixing Mastering

Web Design

Web Development

I design and develop custom websites for businesses, online stores, blogs, and personal portfolios.


SEO & Paid Search

Google Ads & Ranking

Want to get more leads? Do you want to rank higher on google? Contact me lets research your competitors and create a strategy 


Executive Producer

Mix & Mastering

I’ve been a part of several music projects including working with platinum producers, major recording artists, and tour djs.